Free Masterclass

Are you ready to finally express your Authentic Self?

Is your battery running empty?
Finding it hard to speak up?
Finding it hard to do something for yourself?


Join me in this powerful masterclass in which I guide you through your Body Wisdom to meet the Goddess that you truly are.

Move, breathe and sound through the blockages that are holding you back from following your instincts, being present and expressing your truth.


From People-pleaser to Goddess

Congratulations Beautiful!

You just set the first important step towards becoming the Goddess that you truly are.

We all know that great change doesn't happen in a day but taking the first step is a crucial moment in the process of transformation.

Now I encourage you to use the impulse of opening your root chakra in the masterclass to bringing your whole body, mind and soul into balance.

You can't change your whole life in a day but what if:

it took you just 3 months to let go of patterns that don't serve you any longer?

you could learn how to focus on your desires and still be of service to others?

you knew how to prevent yourself of being totally exhausted and stressed out by integrating self care in your life style?

It is time to not only meet, but BE nothing less than the highest version of YOU...

I’m so excited to offer you a

3 Monthly


in which I will guide you step-by-step to

fully embody the Goddess within

Catapult your transformation


Join me in this empowering mentorship where we'll unlock the radiant goddess within you. Week by week, we'll dive into interactive lessons, igniting your confidence and authenticity.

You will discover the art of embodying your true self through my 7 chakra system method. We'll align your physical, mental, and emotional realms, creating harmony within.

You will learn how to listen to your body's whispers through the power of movement, vocal toning and conscious breathing.

Your body has so much wisdom to share with you. Following her signs is the key to your innate freedom and power.

"This journey is your gateway to living your most authentic and vibrant life!"

From root activation

in the masterclass

to full body balance

in the mentorship

Picture your body as a wondrous symphony, where each chakra regulates different aspects of your being – body, mind, and spirit.

During the mentorship, we will pay attention to all the 7 most important chakras and dive into various aspects of people-pleasing behaviour and how it causes imbalances in the different chakras.

Think of it as a full-body scan, exploring various physical issues that are connected to different emotional and mental challenges.

You're ready to break free!

Blast your heart chakra open

  • Give and receive from a place of love instead of fear.

  • You will be astonished by the depth you will experience in all the aspects of your life: in your relationships, friendships, career and all that seemed mundane to you.

Let go

  • of emotional exhaustion and stress (burn out)
  • of fear of saying no
  • of your struggle with setting boundaries
  • of fear to speak your truth
  • of fear of rejection
  • of fear of disappointing others

What you can expect from

Divine Feminine Rising

  • A deepening mentorship over the coarse of 3 months
  • 12 online sessions, each of them are LIVE and 3 hours long!
  • interactive body wisdom exercises that consists of movement, vocal toning and breath work
  • spiritual practice as meditations, affirmations and modern mantras
  • online coaching
  • sharing with like-minded women
Get to know the program!

In my Mentorship you will gain

🔆A deepened understanding of self love and compassion.

🔆 Tools to integrate your body wisdom into your daily life.

🔆 Confidence to create from a place of self-confidence and purpose.

🔆A newfound sense of serenity, happiness and bliss

You can expect the transformation to permanently change the way you show up and experience your relationships, career, friendships and daily activities.

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