For the woman that is ready to embody her highest self

I'm ready to be that Goddess!

Have you ever felt in your heart there is so much more beauty, creativity and power within you to explore if you don't always put others before yourself?

Have you ever felt so much more relaxed and joyful those moments that you did something for yourself?

Have you ever felt deeply connected with others those moments you shared your honest thoughts and feelings?

Have you ever felt proud of yourself when you said "no" to a situation that was unfair?

And have you also felt yourself shift into an empowered state because your were in those moments revealing who you truly are?

The only problem is

That happens sometimes.

When your battery has already ran empty and you've let things come too far.

But now you're ready to make it your norm, before it's too late, to speak your truth, follow your joy and shine your light.

Being a natural care taker you need to find the balance between others and self care

You are ready to share your unique gifts.

You know you can be of more value to yourself and others when you take care of yourself first.

You desire to express how you really feel and do what feels right for you.

But it seems every time you get the chance to show your true colours you cringe and tell yourself your desires don't matter.

You can perfectly imagine yourself being confident and clear but the moment you act on it you feel small and insignificant.

If this is you,

I acknowledge you because


My fear of being misunderstood, rejected or disliked made me hide myself for years.

I denied my dream to become an artist for years out of the fear of rejection.

I suffered from a body shutdown because I was sacrificing my well being out of fear of disappointing others.

These kind of fears show up in every aspect of our lives: our relationships, work, friendships in everything we do.

And the frustrating thing is, sharing our true self is what we want more than anything in the world!

You want to feel free and expressed.

The only thing limiting you is:

  • you feel guilty when you do something for yourself

  • you feel responsible for the happiness of others

  • you don't feel confident enough to share your opinion

  • you always put the desires of others before your own

  • you're afraid people might not like you when you're more outspoken

  • you don't want to be in conflict with others

  • you overanalyse potential outcomes of expressing yourself honestly

  • you're afraid of coming off as selfish

  • you find it difficult to recognize and acknowledge your own desires

  • you're afraid not meeting expectations and disappoint others

  • you struggle with saying no

  • you're afraid of coming off as arrogant if you draw attention to yourself


Divine Feminine Rising

Divine Feminine Rising is a Live Mentorship that will transform you from people pleaser to Goddess in 12 Mythical sessions.

This step-by-step journey with weekly interactive and actionable lessons will take you from playing small and second guessing yourself to confidently expressing your truth and radiance

In this mentorship I will teach you how to embody the goddess that you truly are. Tap into your body wisdom bringing your physical, mental and emotional into balance with my 7 chakra system method.

You will learn the vital importance of listening to your body. How to nurture yourself with powerful self care hacks. Heal childhood wounds and traumas through somatic movement. Release trapped emotions through your voice. How to breathe into a state of peace and clarity.

Don't worry if you could never imagine yourself doing all of that now, I'll help you build your confidence from the ground up.

You will NOT be the same after finishing this Mentorship

Most people don't take the time and effort to look into what is holding them back from being their divines selves. That's why most keep hiding themselves feeling unfulfilled and exhausted.

I'm going to be sharing the secrets with you that have transformed me in 2 decades from being a law graduate with a burn out into a passionate energetic artist, mystic and coach and passing it to you in Divine Feminine Rising.

You’ll leave this mentorship feeling more empowered, confident and radiant than ever before. 

Your divine self is ready to shine. Will you let it?

I'm ready to be that Goddess!

Your healing is the ripple effect that brings change to the world

People pleasers often possess many positive qualities that they might be hiding or downplaying due to their focus on accommodating others. They make perfect care takers, mediators, diplomats, peace makers.

They just need to find the right balance between caring for others and nurturing their own well-being.

Are you ready to serve the world from a place of love instead of fear?

Yes my heart is ringing!

In just 3 months

You will learn to release trapped emotions in a safe way through vocal toning

You will create magnetism through intuitive movement

You will feel empowered healing your traumas through somatic movement

You will improve your focus through conscious breathing

Bringing your 7 most important chakras into balance.

And the transformation you experience will permanently change the way you show up and experience your relationships, career, friendships and daily activities.

You are born ready. Will you bring yourself into balance?

You will walk away knowing:

how to nurture yourself

✨how to set healthy boundaries

✨how to be authentic

And you'll get key experience in Body Wisdom:

✨how to release trapped emotions as anger, fear, sadness and joy in a safe way and stimulate your throat chakra which will improve your speaking abilities through vocal toning.

✨bring traumas to the surface and learn how to improve flow and expression through somatic and intuitive movement.

conscious breathing as a way to gain clarity, breathe through your fears and into your manifesting power.

3 months - 12 transformative lessons

Have a look at the program

Lesson 1 | Embrace Self-Care as Sacred Ritual

In lesson 1 you will learn ways to nurture your Mind, Body, and Soul.

The associated Chakra is the Root Chakra.

Lesson 2 | Reignite Your Self-Worth

In lesson 2 we will focus on cultivating Unwavering Confidence and Self-Esteem.

The associated Chakra is the Sacral Chakra.

Lesson 3 | Embody Your Sensual Spirit

In lesson 3 you will discover the joy of embracing your Feminine Energy and Sensuality.

The associated Chakra is the Sacral Chakra.

Lesson 4 | Unleash Your Boundless Creativity

In lesson 4 you will learn ways to Nurture your Creative Expression and Passion.

The associated Chakra is the Sacral Chakra.

Lesson 5 | Embrace Your Radiant Power

In lesson 5 you will discover your Inner Strength & Authenticity.

The associated Chakra is the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Lesson 6 | Embrace Abundance and Manifestation

In lesson 6 you will learn how to  harness the Power of Your Desires and Intentions.

The associated Chakra is the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Lesson 7 | Radiate Love and Healthy Boundaries

In lesson 7 we will focus on cultivating Healthy Relationships and Assertive Communication.

The associated Chakra is the Heart Chakra.

Lesson 8 | Embody Fearless Authenticity

In lesson 8 you will learn how to liberate yourself from the Shackles of People-Pleasing.

The associated Chakra is the Throat Chakra.

Lesson 9 | Awaken Your Intuition

In lesson 9 you will tap into your Inner Wisdom and Intuitive Guidance.

The associated Chakra is the Third Eye Chakra.

Lesson 10 | Cultivate Inner Peace and Balance

In lesson 10 we will focus on finding Harmony in a Chaotic World.

The associated Chakra is the Crown Chakra.

Lesson 11 | Embody Goddess Archetypes

In lesson 11 we will integrate the Wisdom of Mythology into Your Being.

The associated Chakras are All Chakras, with a focus on the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra.

Lesson 12 | Illuminate Your Path

In lesson 12 you will craft your Vision and step into Your Goddesshood.

The associated Chakra is the Crown Chakra.

Divine Feminine Rising.

🔆To turn your challenges into moments of great awakening.

🔆To deepen your understanding of self love and compassion.

🔆To integrate your body wisdom into your daily life.

🔆To create from a place of self-confidence and purpose.

🔆To give deeper meaning to the relationship with family and friends.

🔆To discover a newfound sense of serenity, happiness and bliss.