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Efia Vibe

Deep Gratitude & Joy Ceremony

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A safe space where there's room for reflection, honouring, self-expression and SiStaR hood. 

'Elevate your Energy with Gratitude, Shed what holds you Back and Embrace Pure Joy.'

You may experience:

emotional release, expanded awareness, elevated energy, inspiration & empowerment, awakening of divine feminine energy


increased sense of awareness, emotional clearance, increased body awareness, fostered sense of connection & community. 




What to bring

Important: A bottle of water. Optional: Something for the altar, something little & yummy to share.

How to navigate

Terra Nova, Silves, Portugal

37°15'00.6"N 8°26'40.8"W

There’s no internet connection getting close to your destination, so please check the directions before you leave. 

When you reach the dark red fence drive up the property and turn left. Drive all the way down the sandy road until you reach red containers. There you can park your car. Walk towards the hill on the left. When you’re up the hill turn right and follow the sandy path till you reach a big pond and the wooden deck.