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Sounding into the Divine

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Sliding Scale

We believe our transformational event should not be a luxury or privilege but available and accessible to all who want to participate. With our strong belief at heart, we've introduced a sliding scale ticket model that's designed with you in mind.

Your contribution can range from 22€ to 66€. Give what you can within these values and choose the ticket that suits you best!

Compose your own perfect journey!

Sounding into the Divine is a spiritual healing journey that connects you with your Divine nature through the power of sound, breath work and movement. During the event Efia and Gijs will invoke, inspire and guide you to push through the barriers of the mind allowing you to expand your awareness and blast your heart chakra open.

The journey consists of a movement warming up, breath work, invoking vocal toning techniques, channeling of light language and light codes, a guided meditation and high frequency soundbath to help you balance your seven chakras, leaving you expanded and empowered.

What to bring

Important: A bottle of water. Optional: Something for the altar, something little & yummy to share.

How to navigate

Terra Nova, Silves, Portugal

37°15'00.6"N 8°26'40.8"W

There’s no internet connection getting close to your destination, so please check the directions before you leave. 

When you reach the dark red fence drive up the property and turn left. Drive all the way down the sandy road until you reach red containers. There you can park your car. Walk towards the hill on the left. When you’re up the hill turn right and follow the sandy path till you reach a big pond and the wooden deck.