Embark on a soul-nurturing journey at our ceremonial event:

Temple of Roses

🔥 Are you ready to reconnect with your pure feminine energy? 🔥

Dear Sisters, this is a warm invitation to join us and kindle your inner fire during challenging times, rediscovering bliss amidst chaos. ✨🕊️✨

Immerse yourself in the sacred, nurture both body and soul, and partake in activities like meditation, sharing, singing, dancing around the fire, drumming, laughter and stargazing. It's an opportunity to find joy, support and healing in the company of sisterhood. Join us in celebrating the power of the divine feminine! 🌹❤️‍🔥🌹


🌹1: Temple Rose Awakening 

  • Deep Cacao Journey
  • Temple Sound Healing
  • Shamanic Meditation 
  • Vision Quest

🌹2: Temple Rose Expansion 

  • Creatrix Breathwork 
  • Devotional Singing
  • Chakra Dance & Drumming with Fire
  • Sacred Sound Grounding 
  • Deep Heart Sharing 

🌹3: Nourishing Dinner



has the ability to create a vibe that inspires others to invoke their inner power and let their brilliance shine through. Her intuitive and engaging way of connecting with herself and others has given great depth and meaning to her work as an artist, singer, creatrix, mystic and intuitive dancer.

"Your body is a magnificent vessel to experience the material. Simultaneously a sensitive antenna to let the Divine pass through.”

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is a self-mastery and shamanic journey guide, sacred ceremony holder, and advanced energy healer. She is keeper of a system of initiatory Mystery School teachings, called the Mastery Keys.

She co-wrote and produced an award-winning feature film, The Blueprint, and is the founder of The New Earth School, a new global educational platform.

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We have provided four exchange levels,

starting from €111, - 'trusting,'

'Trusting' €111,- for those on a tighter budget, it requires trust to know you're meant to be here and that you'll be provided for by the universe.

'Calm' €133,- for those with a bit more financial freedom able to make this investment in calmness.

'Cozy' €144,- for those who can afford a slightly higher financial commitment, contributing to the coziness of the event.

'Abundant' €155,- for those able to make this abundant investment, contributing to the sustainability of the event.

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Efia Vibe

Temple of Roses

Ceremonial One Day Retreat

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Important details

What to bring

Bring your shamanic drum if you have one!


37°15'11.6"N 8°19'55.3"W

Rosemountain Retreat - Side Entrance

Amorosa, São Bartolomeu de Messines, Portugal

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